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Scarecrows And Moondogs    

Official release January 10th 2021, do your preorder!

1. The Fly
2. Pledge My Soul
3. One Way Love
4. Baseborn
5. Loony Daze
6. Devils Deed
7. Chinadogs
8. Punky Punk
9. Marlene
10. Frank

Total Time 36:55

All songs by Whiskey On Valentine´s



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Highborn Girl

Released  November 04th  2018

1. Dr.Daze
2. 11 Stout
3. Highborn Girl
4. It´s Summertime
5. Lonesome Cowboy Seb
6.Gasoline For Breakfast
8. Fucked Up Bitch
9. Teenage Revolution
10. September Serenade


Total Time: 40:01

All songs by Whiskey On Valentine´s

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Colors: RED, GREEN

Size: M, L, XL